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 How the YouTube algorithm works in 2023

The YouTube algorithm is designed to help viewers find videos they want to watch and maximize long-term viewer satisfaction. Similar to other social media platforms, YouTube’s algorithm has changed as the site has evolved.

Here’s what YouTube looks like today:

There are now an estimated 2.1 billion YouTube users worldwide

In one internet minute, 694,000 hours are streamed by YouTube users

Over 500 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every minute

Global ad revenue is 19.77 billion US dollars, bringing it to a 10.9% share of Google’s total revenue

In 2020, 74% of US adults said they had used YouTube, beating out all other social networks. The next highest usage was Facebook at 68%.

With such a dominating presence, of course we want to understand how the YouTube algorithm works. Read on to learn more about the algorithm and how to up your YouTube marketing strategy.

algorithm hints for marketersBelow are a few hints from YouTube on optimizing your video to exhibit up on someone’s Home page:Pretend you’re a new viewer to your channel and objectively overview your videos. Would you favor to watch them?Upload constantly to create expectations from your viewersDo what works for you. Create content material in a comparable fashion or subject matter to ones that your viewers already enjoyed.Check your YouTube Analytics Traffic Sources to see how frequently your channel is acting on others’ Home pages. 

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